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Is Slow the New Fast?

We've been taught that to get the best heart health, you need to go all out cardio to do so.  That's great when you are younger, but once life started getting in the way, the intensity slowly decreased.  Or you were injured trying to get back in shape. 

Now you yearn for the days when you were full of life, free to do what you liked, and wanting to break free of the chains of fad diets.  

Could it be that we were taught incorrectly, or that what you were taught didn't apply to your body type, capabilities, and fitness level?  Well, there's a new kid on the block, and it's making all the difference.  

The key is resistance training, but not just any.  It is resistance training that matches who you are, what you can do.  Safely.  And the results is a superior heart and physical health.  It's what will allow you to turn back that clock and allow you to live decades younger, not worry about fad diets, and let you be yourself again to enjoy the greater things in life.  Let me explain...

Resistance training may be the best mode of exercise to positively affect the cardiovascular system (McGuff & Little, 2009).  Specifically, a SuperSlow protocol which includes a 10 second concentric phase and a 10 second eccentric phase has been shown to be superior to a “standard repetition-speed resistance training protocol” to improve strength (Mcguff & Little, 2009, p.116).  There are two benefits of SuperSlow training one being that because momentum is taken out of the equation the individual endures more muscular loading thus intensify the exercise.  Another benefit is the decreased force the individual will experience secondary to the elimination of acceleration. You can see from this equation force = mass x acceleration how the force will be reduced.  Among the research that has been performed one study found the SuperSlow demonstrated strength gains that were 50 percent greater than that of the standard repetition-speed resistance training protocol (Westcott, n.d.).  The same study was conducted at a later and generated the same results (Westcott et al., 2001)

Don't go it alone, though.  If you need help along the way, seek out a facility with expert fitness professionals who can guide you.  Be sure they utilize the latest in science and technology, and they incorporate the right amount of mobility, cardio, and effective resistance training to allow you to achieve your Maximum Muscle Potential.


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