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The Secret to Success (even during a Pandemic)

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

Our clients are successful in life.  They continuously choose the things that improve their lives for the better.  

They also deal with a lot of stress, in their job, at home, and all that life-getting-in-the-way stress. 

So, what is the secret that they know about handling that stress and being successful?

From the physical well-being, one key is to know what stress does.  When you have stress, your cortisol levels rise, giving you that response to react to things in a certain way.  The challenge is, when we are under stress, we tend to make rash decisions, we get headaches, tightness in our muscles and neck, our breathing shortens.  Over time, it leads to adrenal fatigue, and you tire easily, lack energy and drive and can become sad and depressed.

When under stress, you can also be tempted to stop taking care of yourself.  You give in, stop being at the top of your game, binge eat, drink more alcohol.  You stop being your successful self.  

Forming that regular pattern of exercise is one of the keys to keeping those cortisol levels in check, and allow you to reduce that stress, think more clearly.   But it's not easy to stick with it.  

Studies show that if you have support coach along the way, you are 2200% more likely to stay on track.  When life gets in the way, someone is there to help you.  They are there to help you do the right exercise, safely and effectively, and take the worry and stress away.  You’ll decrease that stress, stay motivated, and keep going strong.  

That support coach keeps you on track, allows you to deal with that stress, give you your strategic edge and leadership you need for yourself, your work, your family, and your community.  It can't come at a greater time to also stay healthy and keep that immune system strong.  It’s what helps our clients be successful in life (and look great in the process!).

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We will reach out to you to understand your goals, answer questions you have, and schedule a convenient time.    It's perfect also if you've been displaced from your facility.

Stay Strong, my Coulee Region friends. We are stronger and Better when we do this Together!


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