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These 3 Shifts will Help You Lose that Stubborn Stomach Fat

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

Stubborn areas of fat are pesky, and it always seems to happen in the wrong places!  

You may have wanted to diet to lose those pesky pounds to tone up, but unfortunately, that dieting may be what's causing it.  When your body goes on a diet, it gets into starvation mode.  This causes a couple things to occur.  1) Your body will more readily consume lean muscle to provide the energy before it burns the fat.  2) As that lean muscle is what burns those calories, your metabolism starts to slow. 3) As it slows, the food you do eat more easily turns to fat.   

Additionally, other factors like stress are contributors to keeping the fat on.  I recently sat down with Anna Slaback from Essential Habits for Wellness, and she states, "One of the biggest reasons why we see fat stored more readily in the gut is because of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is released when we are in a state of stress. "   When that stress is prolonged, the body starts responding in a fight or flight scenario to store energy in the form of fat.   "If Insulin is high and cortisol is high, it can lead to increased visceral fat (in the abdomen) because there are more enzymes for converting inactive cortisone to active cortisol in the abdominal area. "

Is there any hope for me?  Luckily there is!  There are proven methods to get you back on track. 

The 3 Shifts you need to do to help tone up:

1) Skip the diets and focus on giving your body the proper nutrition.  

2) Implement effective strength training, which has been proven to burn more fat than any other form of exercise.   Proper resistance training of sufficient magnitude is superior to burning more calories and fat when compared to circuit weight training, cycling, and any other types of aerobic exercise.  

3) Reduce that stress by getting regular exercise and reducing those cortisol levels.  Aerobic activity is not enough.  Incorporating the right amount of endurance, mobility, and strength training in the routine is essential to lowering those cortisol levels.  

When applied together, you'll finally achieve the look you desire.  It won't happen overnight, but when you trust the process, it is guaranteed to work.

If you need help to implement these 3 shifts, seek out a facility that can help you.  Be sure they have a support staff that can help craft a personalized program and accountability to keep you on track, deploying the latest in exercise science and technology, and combine that with a comprehensive nutrition program to help you achieve your goals and help you form those habits for life.


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