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Brr...Here's the only way to beat the Winter Chills

Ever get the winter chills and hate living in the cold?  Have you ever wondered why you get more chilled as you get older?  For those of you who have, there's hope. 

Traditionally, brown fat was thought to be the body’s main thermostat that insulated and generated heat to keep the body warm.

 “Our findings demonstrate for the first time that muscle, which accounts for 40 per cent of body weight in humans, can generate heat independent of shivering,” says Muthu Periasamy of Ohio State University in Columbus.

Surviving the chill

Through experiments on mice that had their usual thermostat – brown fat – surgically removed, Periasamy and his colleagues proved that a protein called sarcolipin helps muscle cells keep the body warm by burning energy, almost like an idling motor car, even if the muscles do not contract.

All of the mice had their brown fat removed, but some of them had been genetically engineered to lack sarcolipin too. These...

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The Cure for Osteoarthritis is not what you think

If you suffer from Joint pain, you are not alone.     

Arthritis is the #1 disability in the US, and millions suffer from its effects of pain in the joint, limited mobility.  It prevents people from being able to stay in shape, leads to depression, poor quality of life, and further health problems like obesity and diabetes or heart problems.

Often people think the cure for Osteoarthritis is seen as prescription medication, injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, or surgery.  But it's not.

At the Cardiology and Sports Medicine conference in New York City this week, Dr. Mirabelli presented both diagnosis and treatment topics.  Dr. Mirabelli worked in the Hip and Knee Arthritis Clinic and is also the team Physician for the USA Lacrosse team.   When someone is diagnosed Osteoarthritic condition, the 2 Best ways to overcoming the effects of osteoarthritis and improving quality of life are:

1) Effective exercise through strength training, increasing...

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Why painful arthritis is preventable, and learn the two steps needed to live a healthy, pain free life again

Arthritis in the hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees can be debilitating.   It affects our ability to exercise, and ultimately our well-being.  As the effects of arthritis take hold, it can greatly affect us physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

We often accept the fact that the arthritis is only cured through medicine, surgery, or injections.  However, that doesn't have to be the case.

Athritis is often due to painful swelling and irritation.  When a joint doesn't move as it should, it can cause irregular sliding and wear that causes inflammation in the joint.

As we age, our joints and muscles become weaker, the bones start to get out of alignment.   When we walk or do cardio, this can often cause more swelling when the joints aren't moving as they should.  It can set us back even further, as we need to rest the joints to heal.  And the cycle continues through continuously weaker joints.

Is there a solution?

The first step...

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