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At QuickHIT, Our team of Fitness Professionals are selectively chosen to be able to craft the perfect programs for you.  Safe and Effective.  We've worked with top experts in the industry to develop a proprietary world class certification, QuickHIT's proprietary High Intensity training that all of our trainers must graduate.  

Ken Deml

Ken Deml has been a personal trainer for over 10 years.   

Ken loves playing sports including Volleyball and Basketball. In his free time, he loves camping, going for hikes, and enjoying the outdoors.

Ken has a passion for helping clients, and he speaks highly of our clients.   "I love that my clients come in everyday and work their hardest. When they see progress and see how QuickHIT can change their life it's the best feeling!"

Krista Clinton

Krista has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.  She graduated with a bachelors from University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, and she has a doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

She has been integral in our internal training and helping craft our programs.  In her free time, she loves hiking, relaxing, and hanging out with her boys.


Brandon Bartz

Brandon Bartz graduated from UW-La Crosse with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and is a certified personal trainer.   In his free time, Brandon enjoys golf, basketball, and spending time with friends and family outdoors. Brandon has a passion for working with others and helping them achieve their goals, and being the best that he can be.  


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